Featured International Investment Law Symposium Online Publications

2017 Penn JIL Online Symposium: International Investment Law

JIL Online is pleased to present this online symposium of student work on international investment and arbitration. The Journal of International Law originally began as an international business law journal, evolving over the years to encompass a wider array of international legal issues. Likewise, the investor-state dispute settlement process was originally designed to resolve a limited range of business concerns, but it has since grown to address a broader range of social and political issues. In recent years, the regime of international investment laws have greatly influenced the political conversation, both in the United States and abroad, and continued academic engagement in this area is more crucial now than ever before.

The University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law and JIL Online are honored to share the contributions of this student-led, collaborative symposium, which unites both JD and LLM candidates to address International Investment Law, a subject which directly impacts the quality and sustainability of our global community, no matter what country we call home.

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