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Brian Earp & Robert Darby: Circumcision, Sexual Experience, and Harm: Reply to Stephen R. Munzer’s “Secularization, Anti-Minority Sentiment, and Cultural Norms in the German Circumcision Controversy”

* Brian D. Earp is Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University and The Hastings Center. Robert Darby (Ph.D. University of New South Wales) is an independent scholar and author of A Surgical Temptation: The Demonization of the Foreskin and the Rise of Circumcision in Britain (University of Chicago Press, 2005). Thank you to Benjamin D. Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law for inviting us to respond to the article by Stephen R. Munzer, and to Sarah E. Kramer and Zachary Sweebe, the Executive Online Editors, for their…

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